Why Social Media?
Increasing exposure for your business, gaining valuable insight and building relationships, are the three greatest benefits of participating in social media. About 79% or more of large businesses have a social media presence. Of those about 60% update every day, the majority allocate 1.5 people on average to manage their social media. Social media marketing is used for increasing following, fan likes, generating leads to increase revenue, improve customer service, build relationships and boost Social Engine ranking.

Social media allows business of all sizes to share their marketing message with an audience beyond their immediate geographic area. This makes social media an extremely effective means of augmenting brand visibility and encouraging brand recognition, within a wider group of motivated consumers. This correlates with a rise in website traffic.
Social media allows businesses to communicate the characteristics, values and personality of their brand, in a manner that consumers can closely relate to. By participating in the community and proactively contributing to the conversations, businesses can sustain a meaningful dialogue with their audience, which in turn; promotes brand awareness and encourages long-term brand advocacy. Traditional marketing strategies adopt a very general approach. Social media provides an opportunity to engage with current and potential customers in focused, real-time conversations.
Effective social media management can provide valuable insight into your brand, products, events, and services. Social media allows businesses to easily monitor and participate in the discussions of their consumers. This will help improve business, increase customer lifetime, customer retention, customer service, referrals, customer engagement, brand awareness, business profile authority and a competitive edge. Social media management of digital marketing is a necessity that few businesses can be without.
Cost Effectiveness!
Foramention provides a range of plans to cost effectively help you reach your goals. Our free plan enable individuals to benefit from our services for personal use, Our business plans enable Small businesses and large corporations to benefit from a month to month, no contract, price structure freeing time and manpower while increasing results. Social media marketing provides the potential to reach a larger and significantly targeted demographic at a fraction of the cost of traditional media. Traditional media such as print advertising, television and direct mail costs are significantly higher and response rates have decreased.

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